SECOR is an established consultancy in the Energy & Utilities sector providing support to a number of blue chip utility companies in the UK and Europe.

All our consultants are drawn directly from the utility market and from a variety of senior positions including main board Director.

Our projects include definition of retail strategy, business transformation and major programme delivery as well as a raft of revenue assurance focussed deliveries.

Through our extended group of companies we are also able to provide technological solutions to many business issues including smart metering (water and energy), network monitoring and void management.

In order to maximise the value it delivers, SECOR has focused its expertise into three discrete and yet complementary business areas, namely: 

·       Customer Management      – Maximise the value of your customers 

·       Revenue Management       – Minimise your revenue leakage and loss 

·       Regulation & Compliance  – Ensure ongoing cost-effective compliance 

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